A Short Prost Between Posts – Paulaner Hefeweizen

September and October are great months for German beer for obvious reasons. There’s something to be said about eating and drinking certain foods at certain times of the year. For whatever reason, probably simply conditioned this way, good German Hefeweizens and lagers take on an extra special quality when consumed out in the open air of September and October afternoons. Let’s be real, you’re probably not drinking Hefeweizen in January just as you’re not drinking a spiced pumpkin latte in May. You can if you want, but it can’t possibly taste quite as good then, right?dsc_0011-2

Although it may seem like Fall in most of the country, in Southern California we can have summer-like days deep into October (currently it’s 90 and way too warm!) At any rate, I bought a bottle of Paulaner Hefeweizen and enjoyed it while sitting out on patio in our Adirondack chairs. My wife stole a taste and loved it, likely because as a Hefeweizen it’s soft on the banana-clove profile, mild, smooth, yet rich and murky with yeast. It’s a very drinkable beer. I like banana & clove in my German Hefeweizens and for that reason I probably prefer Franziskaner and Weihenstephaner. But Paulaner is a very enjoyable German Hefe and its creamy, pillowy head fit wonderfully with my warm weekend afternoon. There isn’t much else to say about it, and I wasn’t really reading any literature at the moment to inspire any connection with what I was reading, but it reaffirmed my belief that every beer has its place and moment. Paulaner’s moment happened to be then and there in my chair. Since my wife kept grabbing my glass and helping herself, I regret that I didn’t buy two. I’ll just have to remember that next year.


2 thoughts on “A Short Prost Between Posts – Paulaner Hefeweizen

  1. milliethom says:

    An interesting read. Not a beer-drinker myself, I’d never considered the seasonal relevance attached to certain drinks. Yet it makes perfect sense! I certainly envy you your October weather, although, as you say, 90 degrees is unseasonably warm, even for California. 🙂


  2. beerandabookblog says:

    Thank you! I imagine whatever it is you drink, adult beverage or not, there is some prime optimal season for it. Not sure why, but as a kid I always associated drinking 7-Up with Christmastime. To this day I usually buy some around Christmas. Go figure!


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