Why in the world?

“You should start a blog.”

“Just what would I start a blog about?”

“Anything! People read and follow all kinds of stuff!”

Consider this a test to that theory. I’ll make it hard on myself by mashing together two things that pair quite well, but tend to attract two separate audiences. Beer, not exclusively craft beer, is one set of people, and books, with an emphasis on the stuff you read or were supposed to read in high school/college, is another set. I love beer. I love books. So sue me. I won’t entirely disregard wine, but as a home brewer for 20+ years and a casual collector of books, I’m going to be talking about books while pairing it with a beer. Or maybe just beer, or just books. Sometimes books on beer!

I am not a professor, nor do I even read as much as I would like. But I do have more books that your average household (a low bar, I know), and I have read nearly all of them. The plan is rather than rehash what happened in a 500 page novel and give you a Lit 301-worthy take on it, I will take a different approach. I’m going to select books from my own library and write anecdotally about what I thought of the book, about the edition itself, maybe where I was physically and mentally when I read the book. What was going on in my life? What does it mean to me now? Where does it take me? And while I do that, maybe I’ll elevate the discussion with some sophisticated beverage.

About the title of this post, “Why in the world?” The answer lies in the fact that I currently loathe my job. I sincerely hope it is truly the nadir of who I am. Please let me not be a near middle-aged insurance underwriter working for a company that fully embraces the micromanagement strategy. I always wanted to be a writer. I have written three unpublished novels, and numerous screenplays with (dare I say) great dialogue but horrendous premises. It very well may be that I am simply not talented enough at what I want to do with my life, or that I just don’t know how to market what I do. Fine. Wherever I do land on the scale of talent as a writer, I can assure you I’m better at it than calling elderly people and telling them I’m cancelling their home policy because their roof is old. That being the case, if you’ve ever tried to get a “corporate” writing job, you will be asked for writing samples. Enter this blog.

So the following will be stolen moments of my life to share with you not one, but TWO things that for decades have brought me joy and inspiration.

Let’s on with the show!


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