Books, beer! Beer, books!

dsc_0014Stories, anecdotes, refreshers, and refreshment. My library is a collection primarily of 19th and 20th century classics. Great books may grab us all, but how they grab us, and when, and at which point in our lives sometimes make all the difference. These posts reflect my pleasures and my escapes, and occasionally the books I slogged through to get to the end.

Beer sometimes does the same–brewed for the world yet takes on a personal meaning in the context of your life. Sure, plenty of writers had a thing for beer, but beyond that, one generally doesn’t associate books with beer. For that reason I may occasionally fumble in trying to mash these two things together. As this happens to be my virtual library, consider it free and open with an extensive bottle list and row after row of tap handles.

The actual mechanics of the site are a work in progress. Late coming to the blog game, so if you want to smack me upside the head with a suggestion, by all means, DO! For example, would love to have a static page with full recent post posted below. Apparently that’s harder than one might expect–so until then please use the link below or to the right to view recent posts.

Lastly, with few exceptions “the classics” have not been kind in including female writers. As that is primarily (but not exclusively) what I read, the posts will be likely be old-dead-white-guy-centric. I will make it a point however to provide as much balance as possible.